Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Perfect Lip Balm

I'm constantly going through millions of lip balms, especially during the winter to avoid those nasty chapped lips we all hate!
I have finally found the perfect lip balm that makes my lips literally feel baby soft in any climate. You have to try the NYX Butter Lip Balm! (NYX Cosmetics) It will change your life! Or at least your chapped lips' life :) Adding a soft pink tint when applying, it feels incredibly soft and lasts for a good amount of time before having to reapply. And has a fruity taste to it too ;)  
At only $4, go out and grab your own before winter really hits and gets those lips kissable ready!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to dress for a warm day in a Freezing office!

Did you find the cutest outfit to wear to work this morning and it was going to be a warm day so it was perfect but then you get to the office and it is just freezing in there all day?! Talk about Goosebumps :/

I work in an office where the AC is always blasting, even in the winter! I find it difficult sometimes to wear the dresses or skirts or short sleeve tops I planned on wearing because I know I'm about to work in an igloo for the next 8 hours.
So how do you dress for this temperature and still strut your latest fashion pieces?
1. Turn down the ac ;)
2. Keep a basic solid colored cardigan or wrap sweater at your desk at all times
- I like to keep a black fleece sweater on my chair all the time to throw on or cover my legs which usually works every time!
3. Having a cup of hot tea or coffee to hold onto once in a while really helps too, speaking from experience...

Fact is, an office environment will remain freezing no matter what you're outfit is that day, so make that fashion statement as you'd like and just be prepared because as soon as you walk outside into that warm weather, it will all be worth it!

Let me know your ideas on keeping warm in that igloo you call "the office"! :)