Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Best Cardigans: November picks

I recently found some great cardigan picks for this month. They transition well from to winter and go great with your casual to semi formal outfits at amazing prices...And they're all from H&M! 
Hurry and grab yours before they're all out :)
My favorite pick is their basic navy blue cardigan 😀

Thank you!@

Monday, November 18, 2013

Burrr! It's Peacoat Season:)

I am defiantly feeling that cold weather hitting and have now busted out the peacoats. ❄️The typical jacket, cottony coat just do not cut it now a days.  Peacoats make all the difference in the world on a cold day and look fabulous!
I found a couple that will be added to my closet this season and recommend since they can pair with any style.

Fist pick: Victoria Secrets white peacoat - currently on sale! 😍

Second pick is the basic black look from the Steve Madden collection at Macy's and also on sale big time!

What peacoat look are you going for this winter??

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fave Fall Fit of the Week!

Its November already! That usually means scarf season begins for me. This my fave quick look of the week. That dark olive green tone fits perfect for the fall season and pair it with your scarf choice which can be almost any color and you have a simple stylistic fall fashion look that you'll feel great and comfy in :)
Most of us have these basic pieces already in our closet and can whip this look together. If not, head to your local TJ Maxx and you'll find it at an excellent price!

I would love to see your favorite fall fashion looks of this week are!
Thank you!