Monday, September 23, 2013

Are you Catwalk Chic Yet?

Do you love, love fashion? Do you dress up for everyday life like you're about to strut that catwalk? Do you like to shop and read about the newest trends? Do you catch yourself agreeing with these questions? Then you have to check out Catwalk Chic!

I recently attended a promotional event for Catwalk Chic that showed a preview of what the fashion website will contain. the few dresses that were there, were absolutely gorgeous. Jia, the creator of Catwalk Chic has an amazing eye for fashion and is truly inspiring.

I had the opportunity to try a few dresses on and fell in love with them. They fit like a glove and are of excellent quality.

This new online boutique also allows you to also give back to a charitable cause which is a huge part of the online shopping site. I can tell this will be a huge success. Check it out and you'll have to book mark it as an online fashion stop! ;)

Below are the dresses I promoted while at the event and purchased the gold sequined one for night on the town!
Thank you!
Alyssa Marie Moreno


  1. These two looks are so awesome. love the gold one!