Saturday, January 4, 2014

Casual Day Outfit - Leather and Jeans

So, its the middle of winter and the temp is about 50 degrees outside plus you're sick with a cold and have to run those important errands on your day of your slightly tortuous Mon-Fri work schedule 
You know what I'm talking about, we all those days we are just not....feeling our best. When you so badly wished it was acceptable to go out in your pajamas but...ITS NOT! (unless you're so sick that you have no choice, of course) This was me today, blahh.

Simply putting on an outfit I'm in love with can change my mood like "that!" Keep that fashionista attitude in you even on those super causal days. I think the perfect fit for sunny/non-sunny winter day is jeans and tennis day for sure. But let's spice it up. If you don't already have a leather jacket in your closet, I highly recommend you go out and buy one as soon as you get the chance to!

Jeans (boyfriend fit) - write T or white T with simple prints -  basic leather jacket -  tennis/ sneakers = casual but stylish ;) simplicity. Add a scarf for a perfect accessory...and warmth;
examples below


Side note: stay beautiful inside and out! :)

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