Thursday, September 4, 2014

End of Summer Style

I have a difficult time letting go of Summer once September comes. I live in an area where summer officially ends closer to October so I like to make my September style more of an end of summer look rather than jumping straight into fall. That's just moving too fast for ;) This an opportunity to get all your favorite summer pieces out and rock them one more time before you have to start incorporating them into cooler weather outfits!  Here are few end of summer looks I absolutely love!
Sheer floral sweater with a leather or jean skirt

Bright floral summer dress which you can transition into fall as well!

Warm toned casual sun dress / sun kissed look

Distressed denim shorts - one of my faves with a summer hat

Match that simple dress with a light summer scarf and perfect wedges

Rock the mini floral skirt and sleek top before fall officially arrives

White after labor day? Of course!  White and light blue illustrates that summer look, show it off before this combo gets put away for a season or two ;)
Have a beautiful day!
Alyssa :)

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